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Harry is famous for his Navajo Lady woodcarvings modeled after his mother. He sells woodcarvings and jewelry on a full-time basis in art shows all over the West. Harry also carves animal figures such as goats, horses, donkeys, lamas, and nativity scenes.

Harry and Isabelle Benally
Harry and Isabelle Benally

Contact Information:

Harry Benally
P.O. Box 1034
Sheep Springs, NM 87364

We have no Internet to our home.
Call us on our cell phone at: 1 (505) 360-1543 or:
Text message us at the same number.

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Harry’s Art is shown at Museums and Native American Art Shows all over the West

He also carves animal figures and Navajo Lady in alabaster rocks. Harry is a silversmith too in the old traditional style. He cut his own turquoise rocks and polishes them. Harry loves his work and spends many a late night wood shed. Harry Benally is noted for his fine woodcarvings and silversmith work.

Harry's Benally's recent sculpture commission in Litchfield Park, Arizona March 2010. Carved from a 7 foot Ash tree stump. Harry’s Benally’s recent sculpture commission in Litchfield Park, Arizona March 2010. Carved from a 7 foot Ash tree stump.

Harry is a self-taught Navajo Artist born in Shiprock, New Mexico in 1951 on the Navajo reservation. He is a member of the Salt (Ashiihi) clan and born from the Towering House Clan. Harry now lives in Sheep Springs NM 45 miles north of Gallup, 6 miles down a dirt road off highway 666 where he grew up.

Harry Banally's Current Carvings for Sale Harry Benally’s Current Carvings for Sale

Call me at (505) 360-1543 for current pricing and what I have in stock. – Harry

Featured in Native Peoples Magazine Nov/Dec 2007

Harry Benally's Nativity set in Native Peoples Magazine Nov/Dec 2007 Harry Benally’s Nativity set in Native Peoples Magazine Nov/Dec 2007

In Harry Benally’s Nativity sets, the infant Jesus lies snugly in a cradleboard and one of the Kings’ gifts is a sack of Bluebird flour-so Mary can make frybread. “Everything I do has to do with the Diné (Navajo) way of life after the Long Walk,” explains Benally, a Diné wood-carver from Sheep Springs, New Mexico. The 57-year-old artist remembers how people on the reservation dressed when he was growing up, with hair buns and velvet shirts. So that’s how his Nativity figures look.

Benally’s first Navajo-style carving, inspired by his mother, was called Diné Lady, which is also the name of his art business. Some of his six-inch- to five-foot-tall Nativity figures, with eyes reverently closed, are carved in cottonwood root and sanded and painted in fine detail by his wife, Isabelle. With other sets, Benally burns the designs into oiled, unpainted juniper wood. His work is on view at the Christmas Shop in Albuquerque and at dinelady.com.

Native Peoples Magazine
November/December 2007 page 39

Web link:

Native Nacimientos: Cross-Cultural Christmas

Hand-Carved Navajo Nativity Set 9 Pieces Hand-Carved Navajo Nativity Set 9 Pieces

Dine’ Lady

Mae Dentclaw Benally (Harry's Mother) Mae Dentclaw Benally (Harry’s Mother)

Harrys mother was a renowned rug weaver, and it was from her that he learned a keen sense of design. He also learned patience and the importance of paying attention to detail, as all are requirements in creating high quality woodcarvings and jewelry.

He has been carving juniper and cottonwood roots, aspen trees for about 18 years. Harry being a self taught artist has his own unique of carving Navajo Lady’s and Men, all one of a kind which collectors have bought all over the west.

Harry, Mother, Aunt and Uncle

Harry and Isabelle Benally’s Home
in Sheep Springs, NM

Come visit us. See the creation of his works from start to finish. It is a complex process that requires skill, patience and many hours of work.


Harry, Mother, Aunt and Uncle
Harry’s grandfather Clarence Denetclaw Sr., grandaunt Beullah Denetclaw holding his Aunt Marian Van Winkle, his Uncle Wilfred Denetclaw wearing the cap, and his Mother Mae Denetclaw.

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Yolanda Smith February 22, 2011 at 7:44 pm

My Grandma and Grandpa make magnifcent sculptures! It’s wonderful to know and understand where and why they came up with “DINE LADY”. 😉 Traveling and Exploring seems way fun…Glad to know what talents they both learn with”SELF TAUGHT”. I know they deserve everything in life 🙂 Love them both…”God Bless My Grandparents In Evryway.

Nancy Galbreath July 3, 2011 at 9:09 pm

Hello, I bought a beautiful carving of your mother in Pagosa Springs, CO on July 3rd. I love it and enjoyed meeting you and your beautiful wife and grandaughter.
Can you tell me more about the story of your Mother’s sculptures that you do? I am an artist too and I know that there is ALWAYS a story behind the art. Thank you for your beautiful sculpture. Nancy Galbreath,

Lois Cohorst December 13, 2011 at 11:49 am

Have just acquired an interest in the Navajo wood carvings. I came across your nativity and wondered if it is a sale item and its price. I have several Hopi and have researched the Sioux and it’s off spring, the Otoe-Missouria who did live on the Nebraska-Kansas state line, which included Marysville, Kansas where I live. But I have not learned much of the Navajo. Lois

Joann Begay Flanagan July 29, 2012 at 7:27 pm

would be interesting in purchasing a Navajo Nativity set.

Maria October 16, 2012 at 5:35 pm

Hello, i was so happy to buy your carving this weekend at the Chandler Fair. It was of the Dine Lady… Beautiful. Thanks for your contribution to the earth. I tried to send you the photo i took with you but couldn’t figure how to send to your web address. Best wishes.


Wilfred Denetclaw Jr. October 17, 2012 at 1:50 am

Hi cousin Harry,
I saw your site and of course you are very talented with some beautiful pieces of wood carvings. It looks like you are doing great in your art career. I wish you the best in your work. I am writing because my dad in the picture said that the baby held by nali is Marianne Denetclaw (Yellow). She is the baby in the family and fits with the ages of my aunt and dad in the picture. Hope you and family are well and take care.
Wilfred Jr.

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